Plan your day on the water!

Here at Swansboro Paddle Boarding and Kayaking we have a variety of individual and family activities for you to choose from. Whether you enjoy paddle boarding or kayaking, we offer Eco tours, island hoping, and self guided trips. Check out our rates and information below to see what adventure fits you best! (we charge by boat, not person)

Half Day=4 Hours, Full Day= 8 Hours

Unguided Rentals

These trips are for people who wanna explore on their own or within their group.  We provide an in depth safety lesson, instructional advice, suggestions, a map, and then we send you off to explore our beautiful nature.

New to paddling? We're glad you chose us to experience it first hand with you! We give an amazing safety lesson as well as launching you into the safest area around.

*Paddle Board Rental

  • 2 Hr $30/3 Hr $35/Half Day $40/Full Day $60

*Single Kayak Rental

  • 2 Hr $25/3 Hr $30/Half Day $35/Full Day $55

*Tandem Kayak Rental

  • 2 Hr $30/ 3 Hr $35/Half Day $40/ Full Day $60

*Off-Site Rental (Paddle Board/Kayak)

  • Full Day $60, 5 Day $200, 7 Day 250$ (Paddle, Leash, and life jacket included)


Guided Tours

These tours are recommended for people with a big group, or have little experience with paddling in coastal waters, or want to learn more information, and\or for people who just want a little more company.  We provide you with a very knowledgeable tour guide that will keep you safe and guide you to an island or islands of your choice! Take one of our guided tours to Jones Island, the Cedar Point Estuaries, historic Huggins Island, or (my favorite) ECO Sharks Tooth HUNTING on various Islands!


  • 2 Hr $45 per person (4 or more) $55 per person (3 or less)
  • 3 Hr $55 per person (4 or more) $65 per person (3 or less)

(20% gratuity added to groups of 5 or more) our guides work extremely hard to provide you with a safe and entertaining trip around these beautiful waters!

-Call (910) 389-1471 to set up your custom adventure today!